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Manufactured Home Site Construction and Installation

Our Philosophy

At King Mountain Contracting, our philosophy revolves around delivering top-notch services in manufactured home site construction and installation. We are committed to providing efficient and environmentally conscious solutions to meet our clients' needs.

Our dedication extends beyond constructing houses; it centers on enhancing the world for our clients, communities, and future descendants. Following James Cook's leadership, we focus on driving innovation, enhancing lives, promoting inclusivity, and contributing to the areas we serve, aiming to make homeownership a reality for more families.

Are you in search of a completely custom factory-built home? Consider modular construction! Although modular homes are also factory-built, they are assembled on-site and comply with local building codes, distinguishing them from standard manufactured homes. These variances enable modular homes to offer more flexibility in design and the advantage of accessing traditional stick-built home financing.


Our Journey

With a history that extends over 30 years, King Mountain Contracting has played a leading role in transforming the manufactured home site construction and installation sector. Our path reflects a dedication to excellence and ensuring customer satisfaction.

Our advanced construction process has been meticulously designed to provide you with a sturdy, attractive home, from the foundation to the roof and every detail in between. We believe in doing the job thoroughly without taking any shortcuts. In the past three decades, we have not just constructed homes; we have revolutionized the construction process itself. This includes our cutting-edge off-site building approach and the high-quality materials we incorporate.

From our family to yours

At the core of a household lies the space where families unite and cherished memories are crafted. It brings us great joy to contribute to this experience for our clients. Each home constructed by King Mountain Contracting is meticulously designed with your family at the forefront, focusing on quality, durability, design, and efficiency. Our dedication lies in creating a space where your family can bring to life the dreams you've always envisioned.


Designed with you in mind

Homes are crafted with your needs at the forefront. From open floor plans and flexible spaces to built-in media centers and intelligent storage solutions, each home is designed with you in mind. Discover floor plans that suit your lifestyle, regardless of your budget, featuring primary bedrooms with walk-in closets and luxurious spa bathrooms.

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